Photoshoot with Joakim Aronsen


During the weekend I had the lovely opportunity to go out on a photoshot with

photographer Joakim Aronsen, before he leaves the country for a trip to Africa for 4 months.

I believe to this day that this is the reason why i am home sick now, because the locations we chose in -16 degrees celsius was fucking freezing. but what do you not do for the love of art right. And the results are so worth it as you can see here

Our first location was over a big frozen up Waterfall next to an old clothfactory by Akerselva in Oslo and here are some of the pictures from there.

After that we moved a little further up the hills and took som closeups

And finally we ended up indoors to warm ourselves and to take some cool pictures at a local jazzbar.

I wish Joakim Aronsen all best on his trip to Africa and thank you very much for a good professional photoshoot.



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3 Responses to Photoshoot with Joakim Aronsen

  1. Paul says:

    Great photos! Hope you feel better soon! Good luck.

  2. ayoliag says:

    Well that was sometimes ago so I guess you’re all better now. photos are really great so it’s safe to say it was worth it all in the end.

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