Music during sickleave

Good mooring to all of y´all

During sickleaves you have time to stumble over good music. And there´s been a while since time has been my friend. so when I find something, i share it with you guys and first up

The Incredible Aesop Rock, been a while since i checked his new stuff out, but this right here blew my mind. He is featuring on Grimace Foundations´ , a new psychedelic rock group, newest single Bosico. A new favorite of mine


Next up is the Long traveler to Norway Zeps, who just hit me up with his Album for a Dollar, You can get it here:

American Immigrant [LP]

01. From NY to NO
02. I Miss Her (Oslo)
03. Brooklyn’s In The House
04. Ninja Flow
05. Booger Sugar
06. Return The Favor
07. Dreams Come True
08. Catacombs [ft Son of Light]
09. Reset The Game
10. Mic Satisfaction [ft Phat Bastard]
11. Timezone [ft Dama Nilz]
12. Across The Map [ft Phat Bastard]
13. The Abyss
14. Set It Like This [ft Stark The Dutch]
15. I’m Out
16. Epidemic (Bastardo Gordo) [ft Phat Bastard]
17. Royalty [ft Phat Bastard]
18. National Rap Show Freestyle [ft Tommy Tee & DJ Herkules]
19. King Wings Crew Anthem
20. Norwenglish [ft Skald 251, J-Hon, and Demon-D]

Next up on the list is B.o.b and his new mixtape No genre. This is also worth a listen and you can find it here:

1.) Beast Mode – (Prod. by Infinity)
2.) So So – (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
3.) How u do that – (Prod. by Kutta)
4.) Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – T.I. & Spodee – (Prod. by Kutta)
5.) Higher – feat. Playboy Tre – Prince Cy Hi & Bun B – (Prod. by Polow da Don)
6.) Shoot up the Station – (Prod. by Kutta)
7.) Not Lost – feat. T.I. – (Prod. by JR Rotem)
8.) Cold As Ice – (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
9.) The Watchers – (Prod. by B.o.B)
10.) Batman Flow – feat. Donnis – (Prod. by Dr. Luke)
11.) American Dreamin – (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
12.) Grand Hustle Kings – feat. Young Dro & T.I. – (Prod. by Quincy Jones)
13.) Dr. Aden – (Prod. by Jack Splash)
14.) Attraction – (Prod. by B.o.B)
15.) Game Time – (Prod by J. Lack)
16.) I’m Beaming – Remix (All City Chess Club)


So this is some of the music i have found so far on my sickleave. Aesop blew my mind. WOW.

And be sure to check my Homepage as well: for some new music and merchandize


Peace and Love


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  1. Eggkins says:

    ecclectic for sure.

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