The winter is here

Greetings my wonderful fans and followers

Yet again the cold winds have strucken the borders of Norway, and the winter is most definitely here to stay.
That means another long season of melancholy and really really good music.
But where do i find all this good music everyones talking about you may ask. Fear not, the answer will be found in this blog.
I have found some music that i will now recommend for you on a strictly musical experience across the genres.

John Forte – Stylefree EP

This is a beautiful soulful EP that will get your emotions flooding with some hard-hitting, well thought of lyrics that reach straight into your soul. And if they don´t Your straight up stone cold.
Two best tracks on the album is Nerveous and Breaking of a man

J. Cole – Friday Nights lights

A Strong mixtape that really surprised me. New artist, no expectations what so ever, and he produces a solid mixture that keeps the pace up all through the tape.
If you really like a variety of songs in one mixture this is the one to go for.
Highlights on the tape are: Before i´m Gone, In the morning and 2face

Check the Mixtape on his own website

Yorhymes – Anonymous Reply
Fellow Bonsaiety brother Yorhymes has released his first release ever, and it is straight up solid delivery and something really Different lyrical wise.
Its a clash of different styles put together in a package of solid solid music, and his collaborations with Thomas Silva and Handycat is much appreciated
Be sure to check the tracks: Asiatic and Diaries

check it :

Conurbia – Plussgrader
For my Norwegian Followers this is a must to have on your podcast, ipod, itunes etc.
This is Norwegian Melancholy and Philosphy packed into on hell of a soulful musical release.

Check it out @ or

Genesis – Selling England by the pound

Another must have in your albumcollection when the winter arrives.
Whiskey, wine, beer or whatever you prefer, a good Stereo and the booklet in front of you,
and you are ready for a musical and lyrical journey, you never could prepare yourself for.
Dancing with the moonlit night and Cinema show are two favorites, but also after the ordeal is a strong story.

Thats the recommendation for the week so you can get in the mood for the weekend. Have a wonderful Weekend

Peace and Love

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