The repetition and standstill

After sitting here all night by myself, i finally got my mind going again. It´s always nice to feel the old grinder start producing some real contributing thoughts.
While sitting here thinking like that, i found myself unable to answer the following question: What major questions have we answered the last decade? I couldn’t think of any.

Are we that satisfied with our perception of reality? Are we that happy with the lives we are living? That we have stopped to produce new ways of thinking and being?

It kinda stung me while i was sitting here, we just repeat everything. at a higher pace off course, so we won´t know the difference any longer.  We just repeat what they said hundred and thousands of years ago. we repeat it and justify our way of living by putting it in a new, prettier and more fashionable dress. but if you rip it to pieces and examine it piece by piece. You will find out that the piece of cloth you are holding is actually from the same dress your grandparents, great grandparents, and forefathers even further back, wore.
Even though the society today thinks the dress have changed we can´t hide the facts, and I have some examples of it.

  • Aristotle the great greek Philosopher and the father of modern drama is still used as the most common way of producing drama´ s, movies and even music nowadays, following a certain pattern so people can follow the storyline. A lot happened during the 19th and 20th century when it came to changing this form and way of thinking. We where on a good way of developing a real exciting and challenging new wave of performing in the theatre with groundbreaking Directors and writers like Samuel Beckett, Berthold Brecht and to some extent Harold. They we´re looking at ways of changing the theatre, and then it stops. What happened? Reproduction started, what they started was never finished, people assumed that these ways of producing drama was the furthest we could take it. So now we still have the aristotle Drama and some attempts of reproducing Brecht every now and then. but no one seems to think, how can we evolve and revolution the Theatre as we know it. Why is that?
  • Capitalism is another example of this, we found a way for the materialistic world to function in a system, but it has its flaws, for instance the difference between rich and poor. The dilemma when the middle-class becomes to rich and the world economy collapses because of it, like we see now, where countries must depend on other countries in order to stay existent. But in a strange way we seem content with it, no one tries to make an effort to produce something even close to an Idea that will fix some of these issues. The issue itself is of course on a much larger scale than the small abbreviation i have mentioned here, but hopefully you get the Idea of what i am saying.
  • The way we see ourselves and reality,. I know i am playing russian roulette with myself stating this. a lot of people would say that this is the area that most of todays thinking happen. But let me just make my point clear before you keep on screaming. Yes, there are new ways of thinking coming in, new ways of “reality”, new ways of seeing the human being and asking what we are, and why we are. We have all this new age, new wave, i am me i am free perceptions of life, but what do they do? They just recycle some thoughts that have been known all the way back to the ancient Greeks and their perception of reality. they repeat some old discoveries and put it into a new slogan. Same shit different wrapping. But the other side of science, the so called scientist aren´t doing any better, who can tell me one, just one scientist/philosofer that has been groundbreaking and found a new perspective of life, proven scientifically, since Kant, Heidegger, Nietzche or even Facault. Again, we see that today, in order to open their mouth they have to prove their way of thinking by repeating what these thinkers and scientist said and proved way back then. Thats how they promote science.

Well, that was at least some examples of what i am thinking of when i say that we are in a standstill evolutionary because we just repeat the past instead of building our future. I know its cliche, but we need to get off our knees and start to see, think and live the opportunity of life. We are not done yet, we have the greatest opportunity so far in history to evolve and elevate as living creatures.

Have a nice evening

Peace and Love

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2 Responses to The repetition and standstill

  1. Henry York says:

    Yes I:
    respect for popping up on my blogspace; with it being brand new as well, much needed support ….I have the world a’ works…..suitable to all medias…..Sight me: roodbaf@youtube, my email is here so link me any which way,

    bless& FarI


  2. I like reading your verses. Thanks

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