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20 years

Its been 20 years already, I realized it when i stood there. Cause when you just think of the years, 20 is just a number, not a particularly large number but not small either. But when you stand there, in … Continue reading

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MesAyah – Perfect World (Music Video)

Its Official MesAyah from Bonsaiety Records has released his first music video, for the track: Perfect World.  In cooperation with SMI (støttesenteret mot incest) this kickstarts the next phase of the Perfect World fundraiser, which is collecting money for this organization and … Continue reading

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Moving into a new appartment

Finally I have moved to a new appartment, not everything has been moved yet. but we are getting closer and closer. Yesterday my studio was once again up and running and man what an amazing flow of sound there was in the … Continue reading

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Final mixing stages of Paradise of paradigms EP

Good morning I´ve been sitting all weekend with the final mixing on the Paradise of Paradigms EP, this EP will be available for free download for those that are either on my mailinglist, fans on Reverbnation, or registered members on … Continue reading

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On the move, building new studio

Saturday afternoon. more boxes are ready, we are moving, and we are moving on Wednesday. Most of the livingroom is emptied out, The kitchen is emptied out, and our closets in our bedroom are getting closer towards empty. I cant … Continue reading

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Photoshoot with Joakim Aronsen

Greetings During the weekend I had the lovely opportunity to go out on a photoshot with photographer Joakim Aronsen, before he leaves the country for a trip to Africa for 4 months. I believe to this day that this is … Continue reading

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Music during sickleave

Good mooring to all of y´all During sickleaves you have time to stumble over good music. And there´s been a while since time has been my friend. so when I find something, i share it with you guys and first … Continue reading

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Good evening to you all After over one year with not even something close to be called an infection, I was today sent home from school with soar throat and Stomach aches. So i am sitting here wondering what a … Continue reading

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The winter is here

Greetings my wonderful fans and followers Yet again the cold winds have strucken the borders of Norway, and the winter is most definitely here to stay. That means another long season of melancholy and really really good music. But where … Continue reading

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The repetition and standstill

After sitting here all night by myself, i finally got my mind going again. It´s always nice to feel the old grinder start producing some real contributing thoughts. While sitting here thinking like that, i found myself unable to answer … Continue reading

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