A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 148

Day 148
Topic: Stones
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

Three stones separated by a child’s hand
leaving ripples after one another
never to be seen again
the ripples fade
and cover every trace of their existence

The only memory left is in the child
the smile
pure entertainment
waved goodbye to his precious stones

now the child awaits
in the mind
and of the tide

will there ever be a similar stone

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A 365 Dail Challenge: Day 147

Day 147
Topic: Ups and Downs
Topic given by Hege Abelson

Sweaty palms
Hands shivering in rhythm
blood shut eyes
worn with a thousand winters
turned both his soul and presence against him
all that he got is the idea of his own self
and how he can prevent it from turning his back on him too
a machine, searching for food to his engine
on the way down

a small knock on the door
curtain slides open
revealing a pair of empty eyes
staring right past him
his begging face
his lowered voice
will not get his brother out
from behind that window and out that door
Please, I am cold
The recipient face replies with no answer
curtain closes

A pause

He walks away

quick fix of reality behind a dumpster
at least until next dawn

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 146

Day 146
Topic: Broken
Topic given by Maria Eriksen

Broken flower
Whispered dreams lost with the wind
As she spoke her mind
Against her will
While the answers
Faded on her silent echoes

She will never be as pure as this
Ever again

Her strength,
broken in half
Laid down on the grown
Buried next to her virgin fantasy
In a white dress of misconceptions

She is left covered with self hatred
With small droplets of fragility
Dripping from her petals

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 145

Day 145
Topic: Lover
Topic given by Hodgepodge4thesoul

Past Lover
Our secrets
Are still written in these sheets
I tried washing them off
Nothing helps
I can still witness our shame
Reflected on white background
The noise
I can no longer hear you
The voice
I can see you
Or your mask
The one that shifted you
Fascinating how you went from
A state of dead eyes and painted smile
To a blossomed wall flower
Serving as my only interior
It was awful

I witness how we slowly die
In each others arms
With nothing left
Of what  we never had

The illusion of love
Spoke nothing but lies
Translated to an ultimate truth
On my bed sheets

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 144

Day 144
Topic: Old too young
Topic given by Amanda Stenersrød

Fear of the hand that fed his mouth
That black and blue hand
with knuckles so robust
they felt like penetrating nails to his skin

a learned behavior of wearing his shoulders on his chin
eyes to the ground
arms to himself
a tongue that only spoke in short replies

Self taught to take care of his siblings
he wore their destiny behind his calm facade
He counted every day he could save them
as a blessing
ending every one of them with tears
those of joy
and those of horror

but they were still alive

A boy without a childhood
A man with no sense of how an adult should act

Too young to be old
With nothing young in him
Too old to be innocent
With so much reflection he could not understand

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 143

Day 143
Topic: Hunger
Topic given by hotmarshmallow

Trying to close the gap
colored by reality
My hunger is about to fade
To become nothing more than a past necessity

Luckily it is still there
My hunger is the reason why I breathe
My mortality is based in this need
An empty stomach
Serves the empty mind

I evolve around my hunger
It moves through every fibre I have
It kisses my feet in the morning
Before it seduces its way through my limbs
Playing piano on my kneecaps
Always with a gentle touch
Not to stir up my balance
My thighs an hips are easily seduced
By the moving lust that builds up
I am at the peak of what I want
This is why my hunger carry my words

Without it
I am just an empty shell
Of air

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Espen Stenersrød reads from A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma

Good Eveining

After a lot of inquiries from my readers about reading from my latest book “A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma”
I Finally Caved in and did this reading
I chose to pick some of my favorites, together with my readers favorites from the book.
So Tonight I am Reading the following poems:

The final Battle

Hope you enjoy this and that you place a comment underneath.

Book Is available here:
Homepage: Http://espenstenersrod.com
Amazon: http://amazon.com/author/espenstenersrod

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