A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 39

Day 39
Topic: Discovery
Topic given by Robert Lee Brewer

Last night I discovered that my street carried different lives
A shift in tempo
From each hour of the day
Into the hours of night

The first shade of a monster
Making sounds of disbelief
Turning its morning into something brutal
Not realising the beauty around

Fear and pale covers the pavement
You can see it in its eyes
That a sunrise
 Is only in the way of its dreams

Then comes silence
And relief
Laughter from a tiny creature
Filled with everything
No dreams
Just living the experience

Suddenly the face of pale again
Have to seek shelter from the weak
Behind a fortress, with curtains closed
Hiding until the next week 
Where the dreams are hiding

Right before the sun sets
My street turns human
In the eyes of the hunter
And the hunted
The experiment and the experience
Wander down my street
In colours
Taking in what they got

The laughter fades

Total silence

I enjoy the rest from everything

Before the monster wakes again

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7 Responses to A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 39

  1. scponce says:

    love the way monster was used at the start and end. very symbolical :)

  2. Tahiraaaa says:

    Your 365 day challenge is very inspiring, I’m thinking of joining the movement lol great job!

  3. FullEmpty says:

    “Last night I discovered that my street carried different lives”: very insightful line, gives a new view of reality! Thanks :-)

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