The 365 daily challenge Podcast episode 1

A 365 daiy challenge podcast episode 1 is now out.

In this podcast writers, poets, authours and musicians create their versions of the poetry I produce in the 365 daily challenge.
The Concept of the 365 daily challenge is that I write and post one poem every day for a year and share it on my blog:
If you want to contribute in episode to contact me at:


1. Linnea Nordum – Fog
2. Farah Vie – Blushing Martyr
3. Michael – False Infinity
4. MesAyah – The warmest colour is blue
5. Anne Santos – Bipolar
6 .MesAyah – Silence
7. Linnea Nordum – Throathy Whisper

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15 Responses to The 365 daily challenge Podcast episode 1

  1. bwcarey says:

    great idea, we need more integration and wisdom explosions everywhere

  2. This is probably my new favourite thing ever. Absolutely in love with the first one.

  3. This is is beautiful! It’s funny that it auto-played when I visited wordpress, and it caught me off guard :p. I noticed the music was coming from my laptop so I scrolled down to find where it was coming from. No regrets! I’m glad I saw this.

  4. Linger says:

    Beautiful! Well done. The first rendition was exceptional. Thank you too for featuring me. I didn’t think you were serious when you said you will :)

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