Please help me spread the word of my 365 daily challenge – Reblog your favorites

It is time to reach out

Thank you for making the start of the challenge such an amazing experience. I have only done this for four days, and I have already been contacted by ten authors and artists wanting to participate by either reading poems or making their own music expression from them. I have been given topics by you guys, friends, family, fans, listeners and readers for the next month to come, so that has been fantastic too.

I want to ask you the favor today of helping me a little bit more, I want even more people to know about this, so I can get more topics and even more diversity in the topics given, and the only way to achieve that is to expand beyond my network and into your networks. 

So if you would be so kind to help me spreading the word, by sharing your favorite poems on facebook or twitter, or to reblog the poems here on wordpress. Off course it is, help is repaid by help. I Just want to write, i need to write, and I want to write about everything.

Thank you in advance, you are the greatest



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10 Responses to Please help me spread the word of my 365 daily challenge – Reblog your favorites

  1. faranastus says:

    Happy to oblige MesAyah. Re-blogged, good luck to ya…

  2. faranastus says:

    Reblogged this on poems: 'lax rhetorica' and commented:
    Take a look folks…

  3. Love your individualistic expression and all encompassing unity of your idea!

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