A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 209

Day 209
Topic: ten things readers can do for a writer
Topic given by Holly Michaels

My readers,
My readers

I want my readers to fall in love.
Not just once
I am not a one night fling
Not twice
I am not here for friendly chats and summer flings
Our relationship should be steady
Me, the protagonist
You, my goal
I want you to cry over my sentences
Feel ashamed for liking it
Feel empty
Clueless at times
That the imagery feels obscure, but real
While analysing it again and again
You realize it’s exactly how you feel
resonance from a previous dream
Makes it real again
And you bleed
Then released
As our love progress past our being
You realize that we
Are just a mirror of each other
The imagery I have posed in these sentences
Are you
You start to feel it
Breathe it.
Reach beyond the starting point of each poem
And digest who you really are

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A 365 Daily Challenge – Day 208

Day 208
Topic: Perfect imperfections
topic given by Emilie Stangeby

Perfection pin pointed
As I walk in my selfish shoes
I taste of self issues
my selfish use of that word, aches
not realizing that my self, is you.
my selfish views are appalling, and you
are the only one who loves me for it,
when you say, sweetheart, your self “ish” you
is nothing but an imperfect issue to me
I love you, for who you are,
not the self perfected selfish youth
every cell wish you something useful
and you are exactly that
you see the full intention of who I am
I am imperfect
And so are you
and that makes us perfect, beyond any reason

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 207

Day 207
Topic: The day you can claim identity in this world
Topic given by http://missjulietpoe.wordpress.com/

The day you take your backpack off
Opens it
And breath in everything it consumes
From the dearest memories to the darkest corners
You dress up, and wear it
You pull on your first smile
Because that will always be the truest one
Make sure that you iron death
So it is exactly the way you remembered it
No wrinkle or trench to hide in
Just the unjust line towards the empty
Wear love on your forehead
And keep it as far away from hate as possible
Therefore make hate something you thread on
Wear every failure in your heart
That way, you can make sure they are safe
from both the love and hate you may feel towards your self
And it will always stay in your blood
Reminding you of your imperfection
Wear your pride and achievements in your knees
Make sure that they will always balance and support you
With the correct support
It will strengthen your backbone
And keep you straight.
That is where you place your goals
You shade your failure and achievements from your spine
Fighting failure with love
And achievements with hate
Until you can look forward
And take the next step.

When you fully wear your past
Dress for the future
And speak from your spine

That is when your true identity will shine

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 206

Day 206
Topic: Defending the innocent
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

Shell shattered in the innocent mind
trouble brewing,
sorrounded by dark knights
sparkle of evil, shot with a red light
impossible to envision what innocence bore that night
her usual night gown
or ballet shoes
as she wandered in fright
we, as protectors, sorrounded the idea of her fall
defensive in some sort
defending, in no form, of the action
we saw
we heard
we feared
we searched
But we never truly believed we could defend her

The brute force
the collective source
gave both life and death to the innocent child
that bore with her the secret
of blue

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 205

Day 205
topic: Pride
Topic given by Michael Kobernus

I take pride in the reflections
burned into my iris so I can expand my viewing angle
I bare the pride in my arms
when I can say, I have changed
based on my perception and patience
it took an immense effort
to dive into the thought patterns
that was buried inside of my conciousness
but now I am here
reflective thoughts
the glimpse of a still picture on my Iris
of who I am
and in the back you can still see who I was
I have to carry him with me
Never forget
always posess, the ability of change
based on the man on your Iris

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 204

Day 204
Topic: Joy
Topic given by Karlenegabriel

Joy may refer to happiness
Joy my refer to myself
Joy is a production of emotion
Joy is the spread of my cells

Joy is the main part of enjoyment
Joy emerge from enlightenment
Joy equals endarment
Joy derive from my self

Senses touch
Cherish yourself
Realize the dream you caught
Equality is just a number
Arm yourself with joy
Mind is love

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A 365 daily Challenge: Day 203

Day 203
Topic: Perception of time
Topic given by Mark Consani

I lost the ability to get away
Could no longer pause the moments
My perception of time was all of the sudden correct
Yesterday when I was young
Does not exist today
It feels old
My mind, body and cliches are worn out
The more I stick myself to the past
The more aware I am about the time passing

I try living in the now
Enjoying what time can produce
No progression
Or at least not fast enough
As I chase a secure future for myself
No end seems definite
Except from the darkest ones
My perception has changed
I am now aging slowly instead
Lost the ability to pause
Eliminated the rewind function
And still I can’t control time
Or my future
Inside the moving time frame I am given

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