New Improvised material “How I wonder”

After 8 weeks of hard academic studies I finally caught a glimpse of creativity yesterday and it felt amazing just to be able to do something again. I decided to do something new, something I had never done before. I improvised a tune based in a couple of my poems and recorded trough an app called improvox and just had fun with it. And I have to warn you, it is sung in high D and high G so this is far out of whatever comfort zone I had left. It was a lot of fun and hope you appreciate the things i did



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I have to quit my 365 daily challenge

It is with a heavy heart that I now release this message. I am forced to quit my 365 daily challenge this year. The demands of studying and working, and being a father, does not allow this to be taken further. I really enjoyed the 220 days we have spent together, sharing ideas and thoughts. I truly thank you all for that opportunity. I promise that the poetry in the challenge will turn into something beautiful at the end, in the form of two poetry collections. Again thank you for all your support

All the best


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A 365 daily challenge : Day 221

Day 221
Topic: The dancing fire
Topic given by Julunar1

The kiss of a flame
Licked the inside of my brain
To shoot fire with thrust in my being
The burn marks recites the name of a devil
Wich only resonates the noise of an empty echo
Hollow noise, that bites through my membrane
And leaves me open
With regrets and mourn
The dancing fire
Held me back
I can not take it anymore

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A 365 daily Challenge : Day 220

Day 220
Topic: Undergrowth
Topic given by Sari Cunningham

Hiding in the realms of their fathers
Underneath the massive feathers of green
Listening as they speak through the sound waves
Accompanied only by the wind

They both respect and fear their fathers
During storms they hide their faces beneath their palms
The baritone voice of the men
Conquer the silence in them all

They sit there and listen to the tales
From a place they can not imagine their own
Undergrowth of the underworld
Where they are all connected through the stones

Hiding in the realms of their fathers
Underneath the massive feathers of green
They interpret the wind from its sources
Gain knowledge from the trees of the king

Undergrowth of a scenery,
unimaginable to the young soul
Grown from the bottom of the mountain
They paint the color of the soil

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MesAyah -Alone

One year has passed since my last song
I have turned into a poet instead
But this song will follow me forever

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A 365 daily Challenge : Day 219

Day 219
Topic: gentlemen take Polaroids
Topic given by @francisfahrenheit

Gentleman wink
Eager approach to the situations
Narrative towards his own art
Talks through his images
Let them sit in front of him so he can watch
Elated about the imaginary speech bubbles
Evolve along the line as the are shaken
No picture speaks his name, gentlemen never reveal it

Taken by the spontaneity
Ambitiously enough he falls into place
Killing himself in the process
Emancipated from the norm

Polaroid perfection
Originated desires
Lashed love
Aggravated assault
Ravishing truth
Omnibus released in pictures
Inclined toward the end
Death destroyed
Served in a line by the last true gentleman

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A 365 daily Challenge : Day 218

Day 218
Topic: nostalgia
Topic given by lillinohelyz

She cried tears of good
Warmth discovered in a frame
Soft gentle touches were captured, brought back
To life
To life, it may seem unimportant
But to her this was life
That moment
That one moment that captured the essence
Of human being, and being human at the same time
The answer that reflects the question
Who are you, really?
And she will show you this
And with it, she can accept the fact
That life did not turn in the direction she wished for
That flowers did not grow on trees
And that love comes with force
And not in fours
But if you have these memories
You will always be keen on looking inside your dreams
Of a past that brought you up
To the place where you belong

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