A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 52

Day 52
Topic: Suppression
Topic given by C Infinite

Firm grip
Hand held to pose a threat
Subliminal chains around his neck
Head bent
Summary of his presence
Also how they address him
Introduce him
Speak of him

Born this way
Brought up in this mechanism
Eyes empty
Soul worn out,
And worn on his sleeves

No childhood dreams

Other than the need to make the images go away

Sex trade
Money over values
Pawn in the system
already dead
Watched by the king and the bishop
No rook or knights that can save him

Moves from place to place
the end of the game

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 51

Day 51
Topic: Ironclad garden
Topic given by Michelle

Metallic smell of freshwater
A rusty taste of green in the air

The Iron rose blossom
With all of its heavy pride
Worn like a thorn crown
That would make necks and backs
Bend on a weaker soul
To the ground

The Master of the garden
Holds her heaviest burdens
close to her chest
As she speaks to the rest of her clan
They have all worn her iron
but not in the way that she has

Her power lies like a carpet around their necks, and they crawl to her command
She adress them as  her carpet crawlers, her lambs
As they lie there half in their sleep
Worshipping the feet of their rose

While she can see it all

The only one that holds the key
To the staircase that leaves upwards and out of sight

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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 50

Day 50
Topic: the old lady on the bench
Topic given by Lucinda408

Lady with a view
In the middle of a park
She throws small glances at people
As they either pass by
Or explore the four cornered paradise
They now call peace and quiet

The lady holds a firm grip on her heart
As she witness what she herself calls
She is mesmerized by the others
The joy, the playfulness
That she once wore on her sleeves

Suddenly she sees someone she knows
Running around with the same smile
He had 70 years ago
A young boy beaten into adulthood too fast, but that never hindered him to smile
Oh how he smiles,
she thought to herself
He taught me everything I know about love
Even though I had to let him go eventually

The lady looks to her left
Riding in on a pale horse
Comes all her shattered hopes and dreams, and small glimpses of life long lessons in between.
But she refuse to regret any of them

Dancing on the sky now
Is the image of all her opportunities
Almost perfectly placed on a string
So she plucks them down
To wear them proud around her neck
She is almost glowing
Her aura is purple and green
The rest of her is everything in between

A tear falls from the corner of her eyes
Running down her cheek
Kissing her lips
Salty dreams
It mixes with her newborn necklace
She is free
She fell asleep

And woke no more
From her dreams

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Submit your readings and songs for the 365 Podcast episode 2

New episode out in 7 days

I have once again gotten some terrific readings and songs from you guys. You have done an amazing job so far, and the listeners can really look forward to some really heartfelt emotions in the next week.

The concept is real easy, You find your favorite poem in the challenge so far, record your own interpretation of that poem, with whatever equipment you have, and then send it to me and I will air a new episode every month

If you want to submit your readings or your songs you can send it to: mesayah81@gmail.com


While waiting for the next, here is the last month episode

Peace love and unity

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I need topics again for the 365 daily challenge

I am always in need of topics for the challenge as that is the whole premise for the challenge. You give me the topics to write to.
And now after a month filled with topics, I need new ones again

Have a wonderful Tuesday



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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 49

Day 49
Topic: The insanity of loneliness
Topic given by  Per Arne Bjerka

A mass suction of the heart
No blood left in my veins
Pale and afraid
That death would carry my name without anyone noticing
Or care

Fear is the factor in this fraction

Sitting up late at night
Slammed in the face with the fact
If I die right now
No one would know
Draws my attention towards insanity

Makes me think about my friends

My friends


Such an abused word
Used to be connected
With honour and strength
And passion
Obsolete passion
Could even mistake it with love
It excerpts itself from the same emotions

When it is gone, nothing exists
Except from pain


The sort of pain that sucks life out of you, and only leaves you with a name
Another name
On your wall

And I would be just that
Another name
But without a wall to hang it on

And that will drive me insane


The connection is in a frame
Insanity and loneliness derives from the same patterns of emotions

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If this is my last song

In september i wrote and recorded this song as a memory of a great mind, my best friend , one of those people I truly loved of all my heart.

If fate wants it this way, it would probably be the best finale to a long career.

After this song, it has been quiet, no urge to make music, just the urge to write, and to write a lot.

Together we built a sound, that can’t be produced no more. So maybe this is it. Only the future will tell.

Here is the song

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